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Raduga Capital,
a family owned holding company

Working with passion and maintaining quality in various industries:

Maritime Shipping Commodity Trade Real estate investment Hospitality Charity

And more are yet to come.

Who we are

Our story is simple: we allow all generations to concur on their passions and goals and never limit ourselves to what has already been done.

In real estate, we focus on acquiring unique projects and locations. Hospitality is where we provide luxury, unique yet heart-warming experiences to our clients. And charity is what brings us and the Raduga businesses together.

Raduga Businesses

At our core, we are a ship-owning and operating company. Yet we do not limit ourselves only to the shipping industry. We strive to excel in all of our areas of work.


We have our own fleet of dry-cargo vessels and we transport a wide range of dry bulk commodities, operating in various countries all over the world.

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Real Estate/02

We own properties around Europe, with office spaces, apartments, and other properties. We invest in properties with high potential and increasing value.


Founded to establish high-end, high-quality hospitality experiences with a fine touch of luxury, sophistication, and love for unique traveling experiences.


We supply mineral aggregates used in construction. Our aggregates meet all the necessary requirements and are certified with conformity.

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Our values


Our company values and strives for humaneness before anything else. Humaneness is what really brings value to who you are and this is why we put it first at Raduga.


We build Raduga's business on sincere relations with our clients, partners, and employees. This is the only way to create cooperation lasting for years.


We make it our priority daily to take Raduga to a next step. We never forgo empowerment and providing resources for our employees to advance in their personal and professional growth. At Raduga everyone plays part in the prosperity of the company.


Everyone is given the chance to build a flexible dynamic between their personal and professional lives. Everyone has an opportunity to balance and accommodate both their desires and work.

let’s stay in touch

If you have a question or would like to speak with us, please send us an email or or WHATSAPP.

General phone
+357 26 000 895

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